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What Is It?


The FT Lock: Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

Lockout Labs, LLC is pleased to bring you the FT Lock, a compact and effective solution for safer, more reliable test switch isolation. 

Test switch isolation is often a critical part of ensuring personnel and equipment safety during power testing, but current best practice for isolation has never advanced past electrical tape. Until now. 

Designed by two engineers with years of field experience, the FT Lock improves the “Lock Out/Tag Out” procedure by providing an electrical and physical barrier that can be installed in seconds. It also encourages safer practices and an easier implementation of standard practice, allowing personnel to easily and confidently lock out test switches.

With the FT Lock switch isolation device, say goodbye to costly supervisor checks and constant replacement of electrical tape. 

Electrical tape can come apart in extreme cold, or leave adhesive residue behind in high heat. Then there’s the delicate process of removing the tape from the energized blade while trying to avoid closing the switch or coming in contact with it. Electrical tape is simply risky and inefficient. 

The FT Lock is an affordable, compact and reliable solution for this common problem faced by electrical engineers. 

A long-lasting, reliable solution for “Lockout/Tag Out,” the FT Lock:

  • Provides an electrical and mechanical barrier that prevents the test switch from being closed
  • Is made from durable ABS plastic that is unaffected by fluctuation in the environment
  • Can be locked in place using a cable tie
  • Provides a means of installer identification through the use of a tag secured to the switch
  • Is installed in seconds and does not need inspection

To use, simply open the test switch per normal isolation practice and insert the FT Lock at a slight angle so it rests on the blade. If necessary, an information/identification tag can easily be attached with a zip tie. 

The lock can only be removed by clipping the zip tie and removing the tag, thus ensuring safety and accountability.

Made for engineers, by engineers, the FT Lock switch isolation device is the simple solution that can make a real difference for your team. 

US Patent Pending


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